Interactive ESL Links


Visual Dictionary

Internet Polyglot - a site that teaches various languages.

Look Way Up - claims to correct misspelled words when students type them into a dictionary that will offer suggestions of correct words - can be downloaded to cell phones with web browser capabilities.

Holiday Lessons - this site lists conventional and slightly unconventional holidays by month. Very cool resources that can help explain various celebrations.

Shahi - a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary definitions with Flikr images. Helpful in defining abstract concepts.

Learning Videos

ELT Portal - This site is currently under construction, but we expect great things.

Pete's PowerPoint Station - thousands of free PPTs that can be used easily with any IWB. Click on "Free Power Point Presentations" and you will be directed to the free PPTs for use in ANY classroom.


Vowel Digraphs - students can interact with this resource on an IWB or on a computer. Vowel combinations are shown at the top of the screen and students are encouraged to create the longest word that they can from the given letters.

Lifetype - an online tool that allows students to type in their native language and translate text. Keyboard displays characters from various languages.

Spelling City

Faithful John - an interactive story that allows teachers to read a story or have it play in flash. Turn down the volume and have students read the various parts. Can also be used to have students rewrite the ending of the story.

Cobo Cards - for the slightly adventurous technology user. Allows creation of flash cards, sharing, and group capabilities

Computer Tutor - courtesy of the BBC.

USA Learns - a website that offers English/Spanish lessons. Lessons do not require sign up, but sign up allows for tracking of completed lessons.

ESL Bits - site that assists ESL students with Reading Comprehension through various media.

Interactive Spelling Bee

Teddy Bear Picnic - a good interactive site that helps beginning ESL students match words with pictures.

Collective Nouns

Sticky Letters - Drag and drop letters to create words or see how many words you can make from a given set of letters

Make Beliefs Comix - create your own comics. Great for use on an IWB. Allows teachers the opportunity to create class norms, procedures, create simple dialogue, etc. Allows students the opportunity to interactively create comics related to content areas.

Alphabetical Order

Reading Scales - the measuring kind, not the musical kind

Odd or Even

Think Math - interactive tutorials that are useful for introducing concepts and reviewing mathematical operations.

Introduction to Measuring

Trait Match - match the traits with the different animals. Good site for reinforcing Science vocabulary.

Read the Clock

Warm and Cold Colors

Go George Go - develops problem solving skills

Shape Sorter

Tutpup - a site that assists students in hearing a word and then correctly spelling it

English Online - great site to practice reading and spelling for non-native English speakers

Pinky Dinky Doo - site to help students with creating a story and problem solving skills

Simple Science - learn Science through song

Spelling help with Leo


Johnnie's Story Page - offers a compilation of links to interactive stories designed in the categories of Beginning Readers, Classic Stories, and Older Readers

English Online France - for students learning English

Study Guides - online study guides that assist students in everything from note taking to daily life skills. Available in 20 different languages.