Multilingual Math Dictionary

Prime Factor Tree - choose a number and then pick away the leaves to reveal the factors. Make sure not to leaf any numbers behind.

Math Interactives - This multimedia resource includes interactive math activities, print activities, learning strategies, and videos that illustrate how math is used in everyday life. The resource addresses the following mathematics topics: Fractions; Integers; Percentages; Rate/Ratio/Proportion; Square Roots; Exponents; Patterns; Algebra; Linear Equations; Polynomials; Angles; Circles; Surface Area and Volume; Area and Perimeter; Triangles; Pythagoras; Trigonometry; Similarity and Congruence; Transformations; Shape Classification; Data Display and Graphs; Central Tendency and Distribution; and Probability.

Venn Factors - A moment of Venn . . a great IWB resource that allows students to sort factors using a Venn Diagram.

Venn Multiples - Venn and the Art of Multiplication. Similar to factors, but with multiples.

Graph Plotting - IWB resource to help students learn to plot points on a graph.

Multiplication Game

Finance Freak - a cool site that helps teenagers work with setting a budget and learn about expenses

Ghost Blasters

Math Presentations - all presentations are done in PPT format so that they can be opened with any IWB

Broken Calculator - Eric has smashed his calculator, but it might still be useful. . . Use his broken calculator to achieve the desired outcomes.

Math Starters - Daily Warm-ups that can be done on an IWB

Math Snacks - Get a grasp on math concepts by grabbing short snacks of animations and math activities illustrating the concept. Math Snacks can be viewed online or downloaded to an iPod. Many include teacher guides.

Math Word Problems

Seeing Math

Near Doubles - use the buttons to reach the desired number

Number Line Ordering

Calculator Activities

Bank Rate - an interactive site that teaches students about paying off debt and learning about percentage rates.

Count On


Mathematics in Movies