Social Studies

Interactive Constitution - you and your students can go over the Constitution of the United States and break down what each part is saying and why the wording was chosen.

10 Fast Constitution Facts - from the Interactive Constitution page.

Founding Documents - get a glimpse of the documents responsible for shaping the Constitution - the Magna Carta, the Federalist Papers, the Mayflower Compact and the Articles of Confederation.

Federalist Papers - The Library of Congress presentation of one of the key American political dialogues will be useful for AP history students, as a research tool for term papers, or for those who simply want an on-line look at these important documents.

History Animated - a website that enables teachers to project animations of various historical battles onto a whiteboard. No more confusing arrows, dotted lines and dashes.

Bill of Rights Game - restore the Bill of Rights.

Timerime - this site allows you to search for or create your own timeline for nearly any historical event

American Centuries - wonderful resources.

DoGo News - a student friendly site that offers news on countries and current events all written by students.

Legends of America - Although this site is “plain vanilla,” it offers a huge collection of information on topics of American History. Everything from Prohibition & Depression Gangsters & Outlaws to The Louisiana Purchase to Outlaws of the American West to the Sixties – The New Generation and countless others.

Lewis and Clark Vocabulary

Harlem Renaissance

My Heritage

History of the Blues

Interactive History Map

Historic Philadelphia

Daily News Hour (PBS) - Updated Monday-Friday with news clips of current events

Scribble States - draw the state and guess which it is.

History of Flight

Monticello Classroom

Inventing America

History Lessons - multiple video clips

Maps of War

Three Mile Island

The Democracy Project

Death and Taxes

Civil War Traveler

Inaugural Day Events

Civics Quiz

Powerful Days - black and white pictures that capture the Civil Rights Movement

Mr President - very informative site loaded with facts about each of the Presidents

Immigration Explorer

Woman's Work - a look at the work women have done both in the home and outside the home. An interesting look at how work for women changed in the 18th and 19th Centuries

1968 - a year that rocked our world . . . according to the AARP

Lincoln's White House - the White House when Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation

California Gold Rush

Maps of the World - printable maps from National Geographic Explorer.